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How to Make a Great First Impression by HENRIK EDBERG

First impressions can be quite important.,Everyone stereotypes everyone on first impression, even if we are reluctant to do it.We all get a first impression of a new person that creates a mental image of his or her personality in our minds.That image of you often lasts and can affect the relationship that follows.A good or great first impression can create a positive role in the minds of the new people we meet. When we meet them again , we are often drawn back into this role. Sometimes it happens almost unconsciously until you after a few minutes notice that you have fallen into your old role - like when you meet friends you haven´t seen in years - in that dynamic once again. You may not always be drawn into that role. But if you do it sure is better to have a positive than a negative role saved for you.

Act as if you are meeting a good friend
Keep you body language open
Stand up straight
Be positive
Don't think too much
Mentally rehearse before you even enter the room
See yourself smiling, being positive, open and having a great time. See the excellent outcome in your mind. Then release by visualizing that it has already happened, that the meeting is over with the desired result. This is surprisingly effective and will get you into a great and relaxed mood before even stepping into the first, second or twentieth meeting.

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